Miles to Health

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yesterday was level one of 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels, really nice workout used used 10 pound dumbbell for the workout except for the front raise.

Today Cathe 4DS Upper Body but I modified by only doing 3 rounds instead of 5 then added core and stretch. Hoping to get in a walk later today.

Still some pain in my left butt and knee, like before the race, I seem to be complete recovered from the marathon but now have to deal with all the injuries I had before it.

May end up joining the rec center so I can use the pool for cross training.

ETA: Went for a 3 mile walk with DH and finish off with 20 mins of Namaste Yoga

M1:17:31 102BPM
M2: 16:59 107BPM
M3: 17:37 108BPM

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