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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Woke up and did Mindy's Cycle Circuit this morning, just got this off the swap on the YAYA board, it was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be and definately not a good idea since I was planning on ding 8 miles after work. I really hvae to stop double dipping since my legs are not 100%.

Came home made some Arizona Skillets with pasta, fed the kids and went out for my 8 mile run, it was a really rotten day at work 3 customer complains, nothing major it just require a lot of mental power and focus. Decided ti try running with out my brace today, definately felt a lot more twinges and my legs felt very heavy. I was mentally done running at mile 4, physically done by mile 5 but challenged myself to finish anyway, I kept the pace slow since I didn't have the brace on, will probably try to do all the short runs without the brace to try and strengthen the knee, no severe pain afterwards.

M1: 10:08 143BPM
M2: 11:22 147BPM
M3: 11:29 149BPM
M4: 11:20 154BPM
M5: 11:17 150BPM
M6:11:39 148BPM
M7: 11:15 149BPM
M8: 10:36 152BPM

I was really shooting to stay around 11:30, so apart from M1 and M8, I didn't do too bad. Did some yogamazing for legs workout to stretch the legs out.

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