Miles to Health

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Woke up this morning with serious DOMS in my biceps, I can't remember having this much pain after a workout, Got back from work started diner, chicken potpie, then went for my 9 miles run through Signature and Thornbury.
M1: 10:25 158BPM
M2: 10:44 152BPM
M3: 10:51 153BPM
M4: 10:30 150BPM
M5: 10:18 153BPM
M6: 10:10 154BPM
M7: 10:40 155PBM
M8: 10:56 148BPM
M9: 10:37 151BPM

Finish off with Runner-core cool down. A bit of pain in both knees so will ice them tonight and see what happens tomorrow.

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