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Monday, May 12, 2008

Took Saturday off from running, did Jennifer Kries Hot Body, Cool Mind and took Sunday as a rest day, it really wasn't my intention to take Sunday off, but I couldn't sneak out of bed before Mother's day breakfast in bed and after Church it was raining and by 4pm when it stopped, had to go to my girlfriend's house since she was hosting mother's day dinner and we didn't get back till 9pm. Today everything below the waist that can hurt hurts, but I still went out for a very easy easy run just so my body remember we have a race and then I have been applying ice and heat since I got back. On a positive side my son cleared the 5ft high jump today, he has been struggling with it, highest jump before today was 4'6", so we have been working on increasing his flexibility, so I was very excited for him when he called during his meet to let me know he made it, this was an away meet ion Mentor.

M1: 11:23 148BPM
M2: 11:10 143BPM
M3: 10:50 148BPM
M4: 10:42 152BPM (0.23 MILES)

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