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Friday, May 9, 2008

Today was a much nicer day still on the cool side but at least the sun came out. Got up and did Spinerval Ultra 1.0 Leg Strength Builder it was an awesome workout, I especially love the 30 sec down and 30 sec up squats, then added Runner-Core High Intensity.
After work stopped at Dominos and picked up 3 of those $4 for my kids and husband, the kids wanted the 23cents Papa John Pizza yesterday but there was no way I was getting in line for 1 hour just to buy a pizza. After relaxing for a bit, changed my clothes and went out for my run, today's run was so much better compare to the last, my body just felt great during the run and when the i mile buzzer sounder I was surprise to see how fast I was running, mile 2 was equally fast and then I decided to set a change to see if I can do all 5 miles under 10 mins and I was quite impress with myself, that I was able to do and had enough energy to call my neighbor and go for a 3 mile walk with her, got back from my walk and did a 30 mins stretch with Chris Kluge from Podfitness . I decided not to do the trail run tomorrow that may just be too much for my knee and left butt, since the whole idea is to try and minimize the injury before race day.

M1: 9:42 165BPM
M2: 9:14 161BPM
M3: 8:51 161BPM (This I believe is the first time I ran a mile in less than 9 mins) :)
M4: 8:56 161BPM
M5: 9:07 158BPM

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