Miles to Health

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This morning was Karen Voight Core and More, really nice quick workout, the original use for my green genie balls, got the DVD from the library. After work started dinner and then took my son to bass class, at which time I went for a quick 2 miles run. There is still pain in my left butt and the old right knee pain is back, spent all day with heat or ice on them and right now they are rubbed and my knee is bandaged up feels better any way.
A bit of stress a work, new Director, but he actually use to be my director about 10 years ago, so he just got sent back, but all the new employees are trying to impress him and I am somewhat ending up with extra work to do. Oh well.

M1: 10:19 149bpm
M2: 9:43 159bpm

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