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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Meet up with Bob, Debbie, Don and Patty for a 12 miles trail run from Lock 29 to Pine Lane and back. I really was suppose to do 14 but I figure out 12 miles with Patty was going to be 14 for me since I know we were going to run it hard. I was glad Debbie was there I was able to keep pace with her, although I suspect she is probably faster than she was running but she was trying to avoid the puddles and stay relative clean which was interesting because one mile into the the trail and we were already quite muddy. We met up with Cindy "Redhead Running Goddess" at Pine Lane and she ran back with us to Lock 29 and Bob will be giving her a ride back to her car. Even injured she still ran faster than me so I guess she is another fast one. Got back to the car and had to change pant and shoe before I can get in since I wore long pants and they were covered in mud and also soak from the water crossing. I love running with the trail group even thou they are much faster they do tend to slow down and check to make sure everybody is accounted for, also it is just nice meeting people that love to run/talk about running and I also think running with them once in a while is going to get me out of my comfort running zone and get me to challenge my self a little bit more. Wore the knee brace and my knee was fine except for a slight twinge, last long run before Cleveland.
With the change in pants and shoe and using the wet pants to clean the mud off my legs I look presentable enough, stopped at Lube stop for an oil change and out of guilt stopped at Giant eagle and picked up sprinkle covered doughnuts for my youngest since I am already late to take him to his friend 10am bar mitzvahs at Pepper Pike, the party is at 7pm so he will go to that instead. You will think after burning 1500 calories on the trail, I will be okay with eating one doughnut but I couldn't bring myself to do it since I know I can't have just one, so there was no point starting. Got an Apricot Bran muffin but it tasted extremely sweet like an artificial sweeter was use so that got toss into the garbage.
Got home and did Cathe 4DS Core and stretch, foam roll my leg and butt, did back stretching on the Pilate machine and took a nice hot bath.

M1: 9:30 182BPM
M2: 9:22 172BPM
M4: 13:14 163BPM
M5: 13:12 161BPM
M6: 15:00 151BPM
M7: 14:36 157BPM
M8: 11:47 168BPM
M9: 16:29 159BPM
M10: 11:42 159BPM
M12: 10:21 169BPM

So my heart rate was slightly higher but I felt fine, didn't really have any " am going to die moment" but was glad when the 2 miles on the towpath was over since it meant I could go slower. Used one bottle of water with propel and 1 gu.

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Sensationally Red said...

Isn't it funny how so many runners are also Bloggers? I'm glad I have another one to follow. It was fun running with you..we really are not that fast. Debi and I are pretty moderate runners. Hope to see you out there again!