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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Active rest day, did Yogafit flex and flow from On Demand, this was a lot harder than I wanted but survived, added Namaste Yoga really enjoy this one still hard but relaxing. During the oil change yesterday was told my brake lights were out, decided not to let them changed them since I have done this myself in the past and know that $9.99 was a bit much to change a bulb. Went to Walmart and picked up the bulb (2 for $4.99) changed them out and still no light, so knew something else was wrong, pulled out manual skim through mention fuse for brakes, found the row of fuses located the one for brakes #6 (15 amp) switch with #8 interior lights, wow brake light works, went back to Walmart bought new fuse (5 for $4.93), also changed out fuse for cigar lighter which hasn't been working. So in the end changed out 1 brake light, 1 parking light, 2 license plate lights , 1 center mount light and 2 fuses, total cost about $15.00, time about 45 mins which include trip to Walmart and reading manual, savings of over $40.00.

Spent the rest of the day cleaning out the garden beds and getting them ready for planting, need to take pictures of what is blooming now, lost quite a bit of roses in the back , I think there is just too much wind and little protecting, am going to change the back beds to a butterfly/hummingbird garden, that will be nice to see from the breakfast nook, also still need to get some mulch.

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