Miles to Health

Monday, May 5, 2008

Felt some soreness in my left leg all day, ice on the way to work and did Maxwell Joint Mobility before the scheduled 3 miles but there was still a relative amount of shin pain, did a stretch about 1.5 mies into the run and felt a little better. Went through my log to see the last time I had Shin pain and it was after the last trail run and I took 2 days off instead of one, so it seems I need two off days after trail run for the legs to be fully recovered. Came back in and did Runner-Core Circuit 1 and some stretch. I also don't think I got a decent rest day yesterday due to all the gardening I did.

M1: 9:26 160bpm
M2: 10:05 153bpm
M3: 10:15 153bpm

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