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Friday, May 2, 2008

April Recap

Run: 151 Miles based on Vertical Runner's Training Program
Strength: 12 sessions using Mike Mahler's High Frequency Training for Fat Loss
Flexibility: 12 sessions
Cross Train: 12 - ICycle on Spin Bike or Iclimb on stepper
Race: 1-Hermes Cleveland Perfect 10 Miler

Run: 106 Miles (-45) missed long runs due to injury (right knee)
Strength: 20 sessions (+8) I really enjoyed Mahler's HFT program and was amaze at my strength gain, being able to clean and press double 16kg wasnt something I though I could do.
Flexibility: 19 (+7) Really have to stretch thoroughly before and after my runs and also on days that I do not run I have to still get in a thorough stretch use a lot of the Runner-Core program, Maxwell Joint Mobility and Yogamazing.
Cross Training: 10 (-2) Was really trying to stop double dipping by doing xtrain in the morning and run after work, had to really give my legs a thorough break so has to continue running.
Race: Did the Hermes 10 mile at a 10:07 pace, considering I haven't ran much I was really impress.

Injury: Got an dMRI and Cortisone shot, right knee still slightly painful and pain in left butt cheek.

Weight wise I lost about 5 pounds and about 2 inches off my waist. :)

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Leslie said...

WOW!!! congratulations! I think you did great for April minus the injury! good job!