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Monday, April 28, 2008

Woke up late so did a quick strength routine after doing Maxwell Joint Mobility

50 hand to hand swing 12kg
10 BW squats
10 Reverse Lunges l/r
10 Pushups
30 sec plank hold
10 close grip push ups
30 sec side plank l/r
10 mountain climbers
50 hand to hand swing 12kg
Cosgrove leg matrix
24 BW squats
12 Lunges l/r
12 Jump Lunges l/r
24 Jump squats

So after work and dinner, went out for my 5 mile run, boy was it a miserable run, it was cold and cloudy and my legs felt like lead.

M1: 10:41 162bpm
M2: 10:43 155bpm
M3: 10:39 150bpm
M4: 11:08 153bpm
M5: 10:24 158bpm

Finished up with Runner-core Cooldown and Fix the Hip, Fix the Knee workout.

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