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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hermes Fleet Feet 10 Miler

Chip time 1:41:10:58 Pace 10:07
Gun time: 1:41:40:50
Garmin: 1:41:17 (pace is given as 10:32 since total miles is 9.59 due to losing the signals on E17)

The course was changed this year not quite sure why and the 5k and 10 miler started at the same time due to other events going on downtown.

Woke up at 6:30am, actually didn't sleep that much, not completely sure why but one of the reason was because this is the first race I was going to do since I started having severe pain in my knees. Had a breakfast of 1/2-cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter and drank some water. The initial intention was to wear the white VR training top even thou I like the top because it is white I have to be very careful about my choice of sport bra, after trying on 2 different bra with the top and still getting the pointy nipple effect, I decided to wear my under armour protect this house top and move on, I wore the nautilus compression capri I am really beginning to love the capri and the Saucony Hurricane with power sox. Did Maxwell joint mobility before leaving the house at about 7:10am, got downtown about 7:45am and parked at a lot on E17 and Prospect for $4, ate some pure energy bar in the car and walked over to the house of Blues to pick up my timing chip. Picked up my chip and walked into the restaurant basement to use the restroom, then went back outside to stretch and wait for start.
Start time was 8:30am, I decided not to use Ipod since Cleveland is not going to allow them, and there is this information about music along the route (that was wrong). So stated down on Prospect making a left onto E17st and another left onto Lakeside, I has weak/bad GPS signal on E17 so my garmin got screwed up on distance, we made a right on W3rd and then right on Al Lerner to get on North Marginal by the Burke Lakefront Airport, this section was long and boring, we had the airport on one side and the highway on the other, in most cases nobody else but fellow runners. The first hill was the ramp onto the overpass on E55th, and I ran up it with no problem and kept on going, so now we are on the other side of the highway on S. Marginal and I wasn't quite sure what was on our left but it was equally long and boring with only fellow runners. Then past Amtrak so as to get back on W3rd, 2nd hill which did a lot of people but I was fine going up it and was able to take a very deep breath and continue on, then back to Lakeside to w9th making a left onto Frankfort Ave and a right on w6th to get back to prospect and finish. There was water at miles 2,4,6 & 8, with potty at 5 & 8, I walked through the water stops and also took a Gu espresso (tasted very good) before the water stop at mile 6, I had my water bottle filled with accelerate with me. I was glad I didn't have a long sleeve top on because when we started, the rain also started but by 1.5 miles it had stopped and by the time we got on N. Marginal it was very hot with no breeze, nice breeze when going over the Overpass. After the race ate an apple and pizza, drank a bottle of water and then went back out and ran some more, I was planning on doing 8 more miles but after running from the back of the House Blues to E30th and then to the front of the house of Blues, I called it a day, so only did 3 miles.
Came home soak in cold water and then took a hot shower, no excess aches or pain, my knee was fine through out the race only pain I was having was at the bottom of my left butt cheek, I did wear my knee brace for the race. Lear was at the race but I missed her but met a new friend Nicole, hopefully I can get her to do some trail running out of the Brecksville park.
The goal for the race was to run a 10:42 pace based on Mcmillan calculation for a 5hr marathon but I was feeling fine and felt like I had a whole lot more in the tank so I pushed the pace and use the rabbit concept actually I ended up running past all the 5 rabbits I used passing the last one on the 2nd hill.

M1: 10:48 157bpm
M2: 13:34 161bpm (this is actually 1.41 miles, I was off by the same amount before the mile markers)
M3: 9:57 163bpm
M4: 10:33 162bpm
M5: 10:33 165bpm
M6: 10:22 163bpm
M7: 10:15 166bpm
M8: 10:15 166bpm
M9: 9:10 165bpm
M10: 9:53 171bpm

So putting the new pace in Mcmillan, goal time for the Marathon is now 4:43:24 at a pace of 10:50, previous 5 hr pace was 11:28. So according to an article in the June Issue of Running Times, on page 18, The Two Plan Rule of Racing by Greg Mcmillan (was reading this while sitting in cold water after the race, what timing) my "A" goal for the marathon is run a 10:50 pace and the "B' goal is run an 11:28 pace because "The one you believe is equal to your fitness-your A plan - and the one that you must have to make it a successful event-B plan. Don't settle for a fall back."So the plan now will be go out with the 4:45 pace group and then see what happens.

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