Miles to Health

Thursday, April 24, 2008

This morning woke up and did Mahler's Advanced Day 4, this is after warming up with Maxwell Joint Mobility Baker's Dozen

A1:Military Press 3x8 16kg
A2:Bentover row 3x8 16kg
B1:Front squat 3x10 20kg
C1:Hindu Squats 50

I was really tired at the end of the day today, had a customer visit at work which just drained the life out of me, suppose to do 7 miles but did 4 and called it a day since my mind wasn't really into it.

M1: 10:47 151 bpm
M2: 11:23 148 bpm
M3: 11:12 153 bpm
M4: 9:47 156 bpm

Ended up with stretches from Runner-Core.

Picked up my race number, shirt and goody bag today, there wasn't much in the goody bag, it had a special offer from AT&T for cable, one week for Bally's and Coupon to Dick's sporting goods but none for treadmill. I did don't understand why races give white shirt, the race shirt was a brooks tech shirt nice but white.


Leslie said...

Hi. I'm new to blogging just reading around. I also do KB. Are you doing a video or something? I take a class. But I'm usually really sore afterwards for about a day. I can't imagine doing it every day. I run as well. you and I have about the same paces, but I'm still building my milage. I'm at 4 miles a day. any tips? where have you come from on your highway? how long till you have gotten here?

Leslie said...

Hi. So I live in Atlanta and am taking KB through a pilates studio. I tried other places to see what I was actually getting and I like this studio best. I feel as though the teacher knows more and also works me harder than if I did it by myself.
Yes I'm signed up for the Nike Women's Marathon on Oct. 19. It will be my second marathon. I'm very excited! I'm trying to find some smaller races here to do just for fun.
It's nice to know that it has taken a year to get to where you are now. I keep wanting results faster, but I know the slower route is healthier and safer.
I guess that is probably the most discouraging part. Since I feel like my body should be changing more quickly since I'm putting in all this effort.
have a great run!