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Sunday, September 9, 2007

First Half Marathon

The race is done and I finish with no walking except at the water station still haven't master the run drink technique yet. The weather was very nasty rained hard through out and it was very humid. I could barely see with my glasses and at some point started following the white line on the road.
I got to the race location at 7:15am and went straight to the portable potty before the long lines form, then I went and picked up my sweatshirt, glad they gave us sweatshirt and not T-shirt since it was much needed after the race.

I stood way behind the 2:10 pacer there was suppose to be a 2:20 but he/she was no where to be found and off we went, it took me about 1:30 mins to cross the start line and I felt fine, my legs clicked in right away, I didn't have my usual waiting still the end of mile one for the pain to stop and legs to click in.

I met up with Lia at about mile 2 and I hung with her till about mile 7.5 when I had to keep going because she was already slowing down on the hills funny enough I think she could probably be a better runner than me or at least she have done more races and is 6 years younger but she talk her self down, she knew there was a hill and was afraid of it, also knows she is going to slow down at about mile 10, I tried to encourage her as much as I can but I couldn't slow down any more since it hurts my knee to go too slow on hills and I wanted it over with, so I completely left Lia at about mile 9.

It was a funny race, the city ordered them to take the big mile markers down so as I was crossing mile 1 the markers were coming down, there was nobody telling time at the mile markers, they ran out of water at mile 10, which was a crucial point since it was the top of the hill, the road wasn't close and there was also a bike race and they passed us about mile 5 and went another direction. Did I say I was wet. :)

Mile 1 10:14 Fastest
Mile 2 10:33
Mile 3 10:58
Mile 4 11:02
Mile 5 11:53
Mile 6 11:27
Mile 7 11:14
Mile 8 11:17
Mile 9 12:06 Slowest Nasty Hill
Mile 10 10:45
Mile 11- 10:18
Mile 12-10:32
Mile 13-10:52

Next HM is scheduled for the 29th, actually it is the first half for the Akron marathon and I got a reduced fee for signing up for both HM so I went for it. Back to training but I feel fine, my knee and feet hurt slightly but not unbearable.

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