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Monday, January 25, 2016

I got no workout in the morning, got up late and hubby decided to go to the 9:45am church service since he had a 11:30am meeting. With hubby gone for his meeting, I decided to attend a run to celebrate a fellow BGR member 58th birthday, location was even close to me.

My favorite running course that always kick my butt Egbert@Bedford Reservation, 4 other ladies showed up to run with her, the weather was quite beautiful for mid January, mid 30s and no wind but of course all the hills were still there. We  decided on 5 miles which will be 2.5 miles back and out, which also means that we are stopping just before the flat begins.

I ran most of it with Veronica but she pulled away on the way back, I just have to respect my body, this is the most consistent I have been in months, actually did 3 days in a roll. The birthday girl gave us gold dog tags when we were done, so glad I came out, felt great after the run. 5 miles for an average pace of 10:15

Pictures are cutesy of Veronica:

I slept through my alarm, but in the middle of a dreaming conversation with my niece, I had to check the time to get us somewhere so realized I was running late.

Done with Cathe for the next 7 weeks, let see if I can actually go 78 weeks with her, with that said, started Edge Booty Extreme 2 today, with tomorrow being speed workout, swap leg and upper body supper sets for today.

Today's workout was Upper Body Superset, 2 exercises back to back, 10-15 reps with 4 sets, will definitely feel this tomorrow, this is a no frill workout, I will probably use my own music next time around. This is about 34mins with the warmup, no cool down.

Got on the treadmill and got in 3 miles of run/walk, I am really enjoying doing this, it is just no pressure and my walking speed is slowly improving again.

The weather was beautiful again today and longed for a run outside but just wasn't in the cards.

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