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Monday, December 14, 2015

Weather has been unbelievable for December in Ohio, warm and occasionally sunny, above 60 degrees is unbelievable, by now we should be knee deep in snow and temps in the twenties.

Saturday, decided to head to Pine Lane with Shelby to run trail, this is another great challenging hilly trail, this trail is almost impossible to run sometimes in the winter, once the sheet of ice forms you are sliding down with no way to get back up. I actually remember last year or was it 2 years now, we couldn't even walk in the parking lot due to the sheet of ice so we know the trail was going to be impossible so switch location to Boston run.

You do encounter just about everything on this trail, flat section, uphill, downhill, creek crossing, road, ... you name it, it probably has it and also my favorite tic-tac-toe section with the Pine tree roots, the smell is heavenly at the right time. An out and back to Boston Store is 8 miles, assuming you don't get lost, this is a blue blaze trail but that doesn't mean much, we did better this time and didn't get lost or go  round in circle.

After a quick shower and getting Son#2 up and ready, we headed off to my company employee kid's Christmas party, we have been volunteering at this for a while now even those the boys no longer qualify, I think cut off is 14 and the Son #2 is 20, always a fun event and a chance to see some of the employee's wives and meet their family.

Then a quick trip to the grocery store before heading to a surprise retirement party for a friend, all in all a great Saturday.

Sunday, is another beautiful day and after church and prepping meal for the week, met with Black Girls Run for an impromptu run since the temps where in the 60s. We met up at Rite-Aid , then ran 1 mile to the Bedford High School Trail, to get in some miles around the track then 1 mile back, the 1 mile WU and CD, I try to take it easy and socialize with any new runner or someone I haven't seen in a while but I take the rack serious and normally do my own thing.


Today did 4x400m with 1 min recovery walking

then got in 3 quick 0.1mile With 1 min recovery (should have drop this to 30secs) before we had to leave

Then 1 mile back but forgot to reset the Garmin, was mainly walking talking to a newbie.

Had a great time, pace felt good, it will be nice if I can do my speed workout on the track, need to look into that.

All in all a great weekend.

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