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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Into week 2 of the Hansons Marathon training plan as we get ready for Rock and Roll New Orleans at the end of February, it is always amazing how painful everything is when all I am doing is easy pace and only at 3 miles, sometimes I wonder if I ready did run a marathon.

Before the run did Cathe Xtrain Cardio Leg Blast routine 7 -12 only including warmup and cool down, I only have 2 more weeks to got to complete the 90 days rotation and I have to start thinking what I am going to do next, may be Charlene or Barry's Bootcamp to get a break from Cathe but I do have to say are programs are so well done that most other programs pale in comparison.

Getting cold, actually today was very windy and grey, I think this is the first time in a while that I do not have a race in November or December and February seem so far away but I am learning to honor my body, I also need to build my speed backup wisely, as much as I like to race I have lost so much speed even thou I have the endurance.

With wedding and Birthdays next year, I ready do not have any other race for 2016, and I no idea what I want to focus on either, really hope there will be a tempting offer for something, I did put in for the Berlin Marathon, already rejected for Tokyo and London, not sure am going to put in for New York again, didn't mind paying when there was a guarantee entry after the 3rd trial since they are charging $20+ but I can be playing this game for a long time at this rate with no entry.

A throwback picture, May 2008, 1st Marathon, Cleveland Marathon

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