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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Gotta love Ohio, after the unbelievable 80+ heat wave last week, we are wearing sweater and turning the furnace back on this week. I can barely stay warm.

Wednesday is fast becoming a favorite, today was back to Ultimate Yogi 108: Yin Yoga with Travis Eliot, I guess I can say I am getting more flexible or maybe more I can get into the pose better and focus on breathe a bit more.

Am thinking of signing up for the Akron Rubber Series 8k/HM/M, although not crazy about the $205 price after all discount but then I am thinking I get better value for my money over the Flying Pig which was $196 - 10k/5k/M. Also realized I have done Akron 3x already so this will make #4 which I will be doing regardless of whether I do the series or not since Shelby picked this for her first and I can wait to share the experience with her, back to my point, so I have have to do at least 1 more Akron Marathon to be in the 5 year club.

Why do I want to be in the 5 year club, it is just a runner's think, oh well

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