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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Late start today, still a bit jet lag but more on the flip side since I am waking up early around 3am, I tried to go  back to sleep but that ended up being around 5am when my alarm was going off. I thought about moving my workout till after work but know deep down it was going to be tough to get at it and I have thinking about my workout all day, I don't have the same problem with a 2nd workout thou.

Got out of bed and decided to do a modified workout but hitting the key running goal, so did Cathe Ripped with HITT (RWH) Lift it  legs Premix #3, keeping an eye on the time I got in 21+  mins of the workout and then switch to running.

For running like I said before (did I) I am using the Brain Training for Runner Half Marathon Level 1 plan, which means I am doing the taper week.

0.8miles warmup recovery run 4.5 - 5.4 miles
1.2 miles @ HM Pace (6.6mph) -  2 mins walk
1 mile @ 10k pace (7.0mph) 2+ mins walk
0.6 miles @5K pace (7.3mph) 2 mins walk

Ended up with 4.1 miles in 44:43 mins, the legs actually felt pretty good, I wore my calf sleeve for this run since my calves actually felt pretty tight.

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