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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sometimes the darkness is overwhelming but running helps.......

Got in 8 miles with Mandy and Shelby on the Egbert trail today, it was so beautiful getting the first snow trail run it, need to switch out of the Puma just didn't work in the snow, I could feel the cold in my right foot. Shelby took a hard fall really hope she will be okay, will know better tomorrow.

Afterwards add on D2S P3 Complex Metabolic use the 16kg KB except for the push press, form wasn't great so drop down to the 12kg for those, then finish off with exhale wk1 day 1 this routine pack quite a bit of a heavy punch.

I guess thanksgiving is fast approaching and so is the 5k, not sure I can pull off 25mins but will try my best, this short distance just suck the joy out of running.

Amaze at all the Christmas stuff in the stores and just about everyone I went to today was playing Christmas song.

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