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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bath 8k Steeplechase

Ok, this was suppose to be fun but 46 degrees and cold rain, the runners in the race were also very serious. This was my first steeplechase and it was a blast despite the cold, having to jump an hay bale at the end of a long hill, takes things to a whole new level. Body felt pretty good just one week after Chicago Marathon.

Met up with Shelby in the parking lot, she was nice enough to have picked up my race bib, so we got in her car to caught up and wait for race start, this was a Chaney race, so of cause it was well organized, race started promptly and I think Shelby and I almost got knocked off, cross country bunch are rough, so use to the mellow trail runners.

The volunteers were great including all the boy's scout, getting up in cold and rain to stand around has got to be harder than us running around.

Finished 3rd in age group with a 50:35 time, Shelby was 2nd

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