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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Just not a serious evening runner, prefer to run after work for fun and not goal specific, trying to do the hill repeats after work today in the heat and humidity was tough. I also think my legs gets tired from standing all day using the standing desk.

Did ChaLean Lean 2 in the morning, really loving the heavy lifting and seeing great result, then did a quick 1 set of Kettle Worx Cardio day 2.

Took the treadmill apart tonight to see if there are any loose wire, so far I have not liked any of the treadmill I look at, need at least a 3.0hp motor to make sure it will last based on how hard I use them.

Pre-order the new Cathe DVD, love that it is heavy lifting and HITT

New to sign up for some races.

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