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Monday, May 12, 2014

Nordonia Duathlon Relay

Even thou I am not ready for this, I decided to team up with Paty again this year to form team SoPo, although we seem to be called team SlowPo. This is a 2.5 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2.5 mile run, the run is relatively flat except for the hill at 0.8 before you tunr onto the bike and hike trail.

Last year I did 8:10 for the 1st loop and 8:23 for the 2nd, I know I am no where in that shape this year, but was going to give it my best effort, goal was just to go under 10min/mile. Mush better weather this year, although it did warm up and that made the 2nd loop hard.

Decided to do this without music, 1st gave it my all and push as hard as my body could handle knowing that it was only going to be for less than 30mins, got the 1st loop at a 8:23 pace I was shocked but while Paty went cycling realized there was only 3 relay teams about 15 last year, so regardless we were coming in 3rd since this was an all male team and a mixed team so I had no incentive to push the 2nd loop except to keep under 10min/mile pace, got it done at 9:57 pace that was close.

This year they decided to separate out the teams and we were 1st in the all female team, well it was only us but not my fault nobody else showed up, got a $10 fleet feet gift card. All my other team members from Grunt girls also placed in their age


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