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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Good Intentions....

Really amazed how long it has been since I last blogged, even thou I have kept up with my fitness and have ran lots of races out of time, life just got in the way and blogging was the last thing on my mine between worn and the passing of mother, but life does go on.

New month, new beginning

On the racing front, I did get into the Chicago Marathon 2014 so that is the major race for the year since it wasn't cheap and since I also got into Paris 2015  and have to put down the registration fee for that also, keeping fingers cross for London 2015 will be great to do a 2 week European tour with the races as bookends.

Still slowly working on building back my endurance after not running after the Operation Jack Marathon on Dec 26, 2013, my mother passed away unexpectedly on New Year's day just hours after talking to her, so between trying ti plan the funeral, dealing with the grieve and the trip back home, running just took a back seat, but I miss it, since it is my time. I went back to what I love doing most, trail running, been trying to get to the trails at least 2x per week with strength workout, yoga, Pilates filling up the rest.

To start off the month, I did Physique 57, oh do I have a love hate relationship with this workout, nothings humble you like your muscle quivering when all you are using is a 3# weigh or the seat muscle screaming, but this is great complement to running I believe since it works all those small muscles traditional strength training can't get to.

Game plan for May is to start Chicago Marathon training using Runner's World Smart Coach + Matt Fitzgerald Brain Training for Runners, used BTFR in the past to get my curerent Marathon PR and will like to go for a new PR this year since 2013 was a maniac year.

For strength training will be using Beachbody Chalean ( a modified program designed by a friend to better work my body and reduce the over use of my shoulder muscle, Pilates and yoga will be mixed in, found that at almost 50 flexibility helps.

Nutrition wise that is still a struggle but I am making better food choices and believe that it a great starting.

Hoping this is a start of a great month and the rest of the year.

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