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Monday, March 11, 2013

SP16.0 ABB1

Took yesterday as a total rest day, still seem to be catching up on sleep since I went back to bed after making breakfast for my boys and his friends, the oldest brought 2 friends home on their to Dominican Republic for spring break. Told then to enjoy it this is their last Spring Break since they all start working in July.

Today was Aerobic base Builder 1 which is Spinerval 16.0, great workout probably riding harder than I should have, really need to pay attention to making sure am riding in the right zone for the workout can't be doing hard all the time. Not much time to get the run and strength in due to getting son and his friends ready to leave at 6:30am another friends's dad was dropping them off at the airport. Plan will be to run and lift after work, well will see how that goes just not my cup of tea to workout after work unless am meeting a group.


After standard warmup-goal stay in zone 2
4x5mins/1min rest
4x4mins/45sec rest
4x3mins/30sec rest
4x2mins/15sec rest
3x30sec build

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