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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Meeting Goals

Didn't get in the run and strength afterwork, not for any particular reason except for the fact that I love working out in the morning and trying to do it after work is just a challenge. Did I do anything productive instead of workout, no sat down with DH watch TV and read my Oxygen magazine.

Luckily only 1 hr ride on schedule for today so juggle this around, woke up at 4:30am before the alarm, was surprise since I went to bed later than expected, was yawing at 8:30pm but for one reason or the other didn't finally settle into bed until after 10pm. By the time I got downstairs it was 5am, really need to not go to FB in the am before working out, then couldn't find the HR monitor or garmin ahh they are in my purse. Finally got started at 5:20am

First up:
50 mins progressive threshold run
10 mins warmup 4mph - 5.4mph
3x8mins/2mins recovery (6mph - 7mph) recovery was at 4mph - 5.4mph
10 mins CD
Average Pace 10:04  HR 158 avg, 200max (initial spike but settle down)

Split     Time      Distance    Avg Pace

1        10:07.3      0.75         13:34
2          8:00.0      0.92          8:40
3          2:00.0      0.15         13:19
4          8:00.0      0.94          8:29
5          2:00.0      0.14         14:34
6          8:00.0      0.90          8:52
7          2:00.0      0.13         15:12
8         10:12.0     1.07          9:33

Supreme 90 Tabata Inferno, 37 mins of hell, workout for 20 secs recvoer for 10sec, a total body workout with a mix of plyo, body weight workout and core. Burpee, mountain climbers, squat thrust, jump lunges, squat jump well you get the gist of it, there were out in circuits of 2 or 4 so we either do 2 or 4 rounds. Like they keep saying what don't kill you make you stronger. I did pull something in my left butt cheek doing the 3rd round of squats jump, pigeon and sitting on tennis ball hit the spot.

Cyclo-HIT 3: Lightening Legs "A 30 Minute High Intensity Trainer Session focused on elevating peak power with leg speed and neuromuscular control. One of the harder and more challenging workouts you may do. Expect progressively harder and harder efforts with leg speeds reaching 140+ RPM with control at ZONE 5 Power+."  this had a puke effect but I was able to get in all the speed work, key was ramping early since the power jump was quite high 100 - 250 or 24 - 324 so the legs really had to spin like crazy achieve the right power since this was a short interval. Really awesome. Rode 32:33mins to get in 8 miles, avg HR 143, max 160

Next race coming up is the Buzzard Day 25K, but there is a Fat A$$ 50k this weekend, not sure what my plan is yet since son#2 is going to a Jazz Band Festiva and has to be there by 8:30am

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