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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1st Love

Still dragging but I think it may be because I ate late due to the testing and not enough since I was tired. Even thou I am enjoying the cycling, I need to make running the main focus again, need to start getting enough miles in, that said I still do not plan on running more than 4 days a week, goal is still 3 quality workout speed, tempo and long with the 4th being an easy 2-4miler if I feel up to it.

Today was a 10k run using itread15, took a while for the legs to click in, actually not until the first sprint, I guess they realized I wasn't going to quit so decided to come along for the ride, felt great when done. After the kid got on the bus, got in Cyclo-core strong a great 15mins workout, first time doing it and like it. Love the fact that there is minimal downtime, just move from one exercise to the other.

Lent starts tomorrow, love the season of calm and peace, I least I can hope.

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