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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Comfort Zone

Today's workout called for 2x1600m @ 10k pace (8:59), I always have a problem with intervals, how to run that fast when it is not a race which is why I tend to do most  of this on the treadmill but today even thou it was already 79degrees at 6am, I decided to try this outside, I was really out of my comfort zone.

After a 1.6mile warmup which I did at a 10:10 pace, the first 1600m was up, I had a nice 1 mile loop to do this on would have really hated to have to this on a track going around 4x, I have to consciously stay focus this was hard, first 1600m was done at an 8:44 pace wow am going to puke for the 1:30 recovery I had to work, that went fast, second one was up, I was struggling, it was hot, boy can I really run this fast for 6.2miles, the good thing was that my legs did feel fine but I can feel the lactic acid buildup, 2nd one done 8:51 pace, can beleive I did it. Got in 1:6 miles cooldown at a 9:54 pace that was also a surprise. I am beginning to really grow as a runner and getting out of my comfort zone is a move in the right direction.

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Eliz said...

Great job! I have trouble running in the heat too...very impressive getting out of your comfort zone!