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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First 100K - Outrun 24

Initially this race wasn't on my radar, but as the time drew closer I realized it may be possible for me to do it with not much agument from my family, why, husband was going to be out of the country and my son was away on a band trip to Virginia, so I was all by myself so no reason not to go play with my running family. The only problem then was that I had made a commitment to volunteer at my racing group race April RAINN which is a 4.5 mile trail race. The race director was nice enough to indicate that since it was a 24hours race it was up to me to get there when I wanted, I indicated that I was only going for a couple of miles so if he needed help I'll be glad to help out at the aid station.

I had everything I needed parked and ready to go the Friday night, since I know I was going to be getting to the first race site early to setup and there was no reason to come back home. I also parked all my nutrition and extra shoes and socks. With all the packing needed since I went to Bikram yoga class first, I went to bed much later than expected.

The day started early, up by 6:00am to start the day and was out the door by 6:30am to get to the Ledges by 7am to setup for the race, race started promply at 8am and it was over by 10:30am and I made my way to Kirkland to start the Outrun 24 race, was schedule to volunteer between 1 and 5pm so wanted to get my run in before voluteering but when I got there was extremely tired so even before the race started I took a 30mins power nap in my car. I guess I forget to mention that it was very cold, even had some snow flurries but luckily the rain help off.

I eventually start the race around 11:24am and decided to break the run down into 6miles since we are running on a 1 mile loop, this is to prevent constantly stopping at the aid station and hanging out with friends around the fire pit. I had my handheld with Perpetum in it and the intention is to completely consume the liquid by the end of each 6miles. I never added 6+6+6 just counting 1,2,... then stop by the time I check I was at 18 miles, even though my volunteer shift started at 1pm the ladies working didn't feel like leaving yet so I had kept on running. I really wasn't sure how many miles I was going  to run, I was just running as long as I felt good, last week was my highest mileage in a long time.

Some friends were around about 3pm so they took turns pacing me, Sheila comment that she couldn't keep up with me even thou I was tired and I knew I needed to adjust the pace I had her lead the pace on the 2nd loop and use that to reset my pace, I got in one loop with Kevin and 2 with Eddy.
After mile 18, I had switch to a 3miles stop/recover I think just to save my sanity, 3 miles was 40mins+, 6 miles was 1hour+ and Debra also joined me about this time, there were lots of great ultrarunnes and trail runners running and also stopping by to cheer.

I stooped about mile 28 to place a call to my husband since he had called twice, then decided after mile 40 to take a nap since I was getting very tired, set the phone alarm for 1130pm and took a 30mins nap, when the alarm went off walked over to Debra cars and we sat in there for a while wondering if we wanted to keep running or stop. We decided to walk over to the lounge and get warm while we made a decision but once I got in I ran into Tap who asked how many miles and I said 40, she asked so when am I leaving to get the last 10, I told I wasn't sure, she went on about how 50 mile will be great so after reacessing and realizing that there was nothing really hurting I went back out for 10 more.

At the end of 50miles, I said I was done and Zach the RD took a picture of me and Debra at the finish line, Debra had to leave around 3pm to get back as promised, so after hanging around abit she took off. I stay around the fire place with runner's, volunteer and crew talking but I wasn't sleepy, so the question came back up when are you goign back out, I wasn't planning on it, why, no reason just did my first 50miler, so you do have over 3 hours to go and 100k sounds pretty good. I didn't answer. I went inward access my body does anything hurt, not a thing and I wasn't sleepy actually I was a bundle of energy with all the caffeine and sugar but I needed a pacer, before I could even voice the word need a pacer Michael K was on his feet ready to go.

Even thou the race ends at 7am on Sunday, I really only have till about 5:45 - 6am so as to be able to pickup my son on time, so the strategy just keep running with minimal stop for refueling if needed. Mike kept me at a very good pace and we opnly had to stop once for me to refuel and him use the bathroom. With only 2 miles to go got the text from my son that they were 10mins from the school and I was 30mins away and still had 2 miles to go, factoring 20-30 mins to unload the buses and get their stuff, I had about 20 mins to do 2 lap and boy did we hustle, the last mile was my fastest at 10:45 pace and that included walking my little mountain like I have been doing from the very start.

Thank God when I got to the school, my son wasn't the last to be picked up still 2 kids left there is always a teacher with them till they are all picked up, I actually could have gotten there faster but there was frost on my front window and also ran into a night work detour.

Results can be found here
62 miles
Age group 3/9
Gender 6/29
Overall 19/65


Kathy said...

100K and still picking up your son on time - you, my dear, are superwoman!!!

Julie @ ROJ Running said...

Way to go girl! I have so proud of you and happy for you too. You rocked it out.