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Monday, April 23, 2012

On My Own Two Feet Half Marathon

I really had no expectation for this race, decided to do it to support a friend (Race Director) and her cause, so there was no taper and I spend the day before up until 9pm weeding and spreading/moving around 60+ bags of mulch with many more to go.

This was a 9am race start, thank God for that, got out of bed at 7 and was ready to leave the house by 7:45 with my fresh brew cup of coffee, love my Keurig coffee maker. Even thou I am less than 40mins from Kent, I hardly ever go there and every time I go there always get lost due to the constant road closure, well today was no different, but finally made it there. Wow is it cold, I knew it was going to be cold but based on how beautiful Friday was, this was a significant drop. Initially I had on my craft top but immediately added on the arm warmer underneath and my running vest, much better.

Went around saying hello to some friends I haven't seen in a while due to change in running group and also some ultra runners that normally don't do races like this but came out to support one of their own, which is what I love about the running community.

The race started promptly at 9am, 5k out and back on the bike path, actually I forgot I was in a race and basically chatted with everyone along the way catching up with their running plans and it was a great pleasure to run with Kim (Ultra Trail Goddess) don't get to see her much but it is always that one thing that gets the competitive juice going, felt fine no aches or pain and no worse for wear with all the gardening so decided to see what I can do, and decided to set  a goal of about 2 hours.

I knew part of the course was trail (Towner's Woods)  but had elected to wear my road shoe, not crazy about wearing my trail shoe on the bike path but feel I can handle road shoe on the trail. The  road shoe on the trail wasn't a bad idea except for the constant drizzle which made the down hill interesting but I was able to stay up right and have fun. I had a blast at this race but from all my pictures probably won't believe that I think my face was frozen in place. From the 5k after I stopped chatting, I basically ran by myself and I have also elected not to take my music but then also forgot my headphones. The course is 4.5 miles trail and 8.6 miles Bike/hike path

I am learning to run  my own race, it is so easy to catch up to a runner and then want to match pace with them assuming they are a strong runner since they have been ahead all this time but the point is they may be slowing down and I also do not know their racing strategy, I acknowledge them and pass on their left and move.

I carried my handheld which I was grateful for, there was enough water station but I was somewhat dehydrated and needed to keep drinking, I have been using Endurox R4 lately and seem to like it. After coming out of the woods, kind of realize 2 hours was going to be a stretch since the footing on the way back going to be slippery and the course was slightly hilly that expected so I adjust to 2:10.

Coming out of the woods heading to the finish, I thought 2:10 may not be doable but decided to reach for it anyway, so drop the hammer down and push the pace, I could see the time clock 2:10:35 but also had a UPS truck going by so had to slow a bit for the truck to pass.

Official Result 2:10:59 47/84

Very well organize, love the course actually if the weather had been better I would have gone for the full and paid the difference but once I stopped I was extremely cold and had to get in the car right away for extra layers. Got home took a nice long shower, got something to eat then went to a 2:30pm Yin Yoga class.

On MY Own Two Feet

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