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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Fun

Great time this weekend running since my husband is out of the country and the 16 year old kid had ACT testing, I dropped him off before 8am with a kiss and Good luck then headed over to the Towpath off of Rockside road to meet up the Black Girl Run (BGR) Saturday group for 10 miles on the towpath, this is my first time running this side of town and I really enjoyed it, really ran by myself, this is a funny group they tend to all run with music so always hard to link up with anyone, I mean they have their earbuds in from the very start. I had a great run, went out slow for the first 5 miles then outing on itrain outdoor challenge myself for the last 5, I felt great, hydration and nutrition was perfect.

Sunday decided to join the early Fleet Feet Trail running group, not sure why I wanted to go at 7 but felt great, did 4+ miles before coming back to get the rest of the group and for some reason they decided to move fast since they did half trail half towpath I was beat but it really felt great.

Got back to the packing lot and joined Crooked River Trail group to maintain the trail even though I had a bar, an hour into the cleanup I know I had enough and called it a day, got back home and took a long nap, cook for the week and did laundry. Such a perfect all that was missing was gardening.

Picture by Matt Brady

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Kathy said...

My kind of fun!