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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last days of 2011

So left off with the things in Destin FL, from Destin we drove the 6 hours nack to Atlanta GA but actually we stayed at Alpharetta GA, which even though it wasn't as warm as Destin was still a great place to run due to all the connecting side walks.

Skipped running the first day to spent time with the family and got in some history

 Day 2 was cold but not raining and before heading out to the airport got a nice run in,now it was an urban view, I think a lot of people wondered why I was out in the cold running in just capri and tshirt.

 Back home had 17 mins on the schedule and due to some major conflict and responsibilities decided to just get it done on the treadmill instead of moving it out.

Great year.

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