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Sunday, January 1, 2012

First run of 2012

After getting in t bed today, woke up at 7:30am even though the plan was for 7am to join Team Marathon for their Annual New Years Day run, this was a great opportunity to run with a racing legend (at least to me anyway) Fredrick Davis III, I wasn't sure how many miles the team was planning on doing but at the start the first set of guys indicated they were going for 9 to 10 miles and I really was hoping someone was shooting for shorter since I wasn't sure I could handle that many miles after 17 yesterday. With Fred telling me he was going slow I decided to hang with him, I had a great time listening to all his running stories and advice that time flew by and before we knew it was time for us to turn around. At the end we got in 8.23 miles and I felt great no soreness or DOM my recovery from yesterday's run was great even though I went to a New Year Eve party and danced in heels, the only change to yesterday's recovery plan was the addition of O.N.E Active Coconut water they taste great too.

 I signed up for Dax Moy MAP 2012 30 days Challenge


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