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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Work Day of 2012

I felt just like my kids last night when I was thinking that I had to go back to work today after 2 weeks of pure bliss, I love my job but I have greatly enjoyed the sleeping in, afternoon naps, mid day reading and the general "no problem man" attitude. The alarm was set for 4:30am, I actually did wake up at 4:17am to my surprise and was eager to get my workout in, although I still wasn't sure about stepping outside. The snow was still blowing, the roads covered and my touchpad weather forecast reads 19F feels like 5F, do miss the sunny feel of Destin FL.

None the less rolled out of bed, put on the workout clothes and got ready to go workout, I knew today was some kind of in terval but never got around to putting it in my Garmin, so fired up the laptop to see what we had on tap for the day.

1.5 miles warmup
2x1 mile @ 5k pace with 2:30 recovery
1.5 miles cool down  ---  I guess this is still taper day 2

Got it done but struggled a bit, I probably need to recalibrate my foot pod haven't done it in a while running more on the treadmill than it is recording but in most cases as long as it is more not less I am fine. After the workout had enough time available to get my strength workout in so put in Cathe Push Pull this is one of my favorite total 45 mins workout but since I skip the warmup it is about 41mins, total body workout even hitting the calves and shins.

On the way to work narrowly missed an accident when the car in the middle lane slid all the way to my lane and on to the median luckily I was able to stop with hitting, since the rear of the car was half in my lane and he was about to turn around without getting stuck to hitting another car. I really don't mind the cold can dress for it but the slow and my 1 hr commute to work is what I don't like. I can hit just about any weather condition from mt house to my job.

In preparation for Dax Moy MAP Challenge I made some meals tonight because for me half the battle is being prepared, made stuff for breakfast and lunch for just about the whole week then prep tomorrow night's dinner.
 Saute broccoli slaw with mushroom, green  pepper and onion.
 Mix in egg to the sauteed mix and baked in 350 oven
 Black eyed peas cooked with blended tomato, onion and red pepper, cayenne pepper added to spice things up.

Dinner for tomorrow ready to be put in the crock pot in the morning, roast with onion, read pepper and chopped up tomatoes.

Dax Moy had the Elimination Diet ebook available for free here and it has a lot of good information most you probably already know just not doing, it is pretty strict but ready simple and straigth forward.

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