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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Precision Beats

A great new workout program by Motion Traxx for Polar designed by Julie Bobek, please go on over there and download the program so as to continue to make Motion Traxx free. This is really a very great program did it 3x today for my 20 miles run, love the 3:1 Galloway routine, I was able to run hard for 3 mins recover for 1 min, using this program I was able to pull off a sub 10mins 20 miler, this is after running 8 yesterday. The program is really so well put together and the music just pushes you on.

So go on over and download Precision Beats by Motion Traxx for Polar, it is free after all


Laurie said...

Do you run 200 miles a week? It seem like it! Impressive!

Elizabeth said...

I don't even run 200 a month, but I am pushing and challenging my body more this year, getting outside my comfort zone.