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Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Shirt Fat A$$ - Buckeye Trail

Probably, wasn't one of my smartest move, but I finish, the intention when I left the house was just to run about 20 -24 miles and call it a day but it was such a beautiful day on the trails, even though I was a bit tired and my legs were not very happy I knew the miles was doable and thanks to Michael and Shannon who pulled me through.

The run started at the Station  Bridge trail which is about mile 40 on the Burning River 100 race then we headed off to Snowville where there was snacks and water dropped off and then from there to the Boston Store bathroom break and water refill then headed over to Pine lane (mile 59 of Burning River 100) for the turn around there was also a car loaded with gatorade, water and snack. I ran the first half mainly by myself since I was stopping and taking pictures but by the time I got to Pine Lane I was mentally and physically exhausted but then Shannon and Michael showed and I decided to run back with them. Shannon is a fast runner  but was taking things slow due to being sick and Michael has done Burning River I believe 9x so it was really good to run with them and when I really started fading Michael hung back to pace me in. I really hope I get to run with them again since I really enjoy their company.

The whole race took place on the Buckeye trail, which means all you have to do it follow the blue blaze marking on the trees, if you don't turn around you around you are lost.

 The trail was still pretty much snow covered since this was the first nice day in a long time and the lead pack actually made the trail as they went along.

Getting on the bridges and steps was quite interesting since they were completely covered in ice and thick snow, not sure which was worst trying to go up or coming back down

There was lots of hill to climb but with the snow and ice it made for an interesting adventure.

Pine Lane is actually one of my favorite place to run, the smell of the pine and all the roots at foot makes it fun but with all the snow the roots were really no problem this time.

I am still not completely happy with my new trail shoe seems to be better for short distance but I have a problem with it for long runs. I guess because there was so much snow my shoe and socks got very wet and I did end up with a blister on my right big toe but apart from that I was fine. Got back home, took a quick shower and made to church for the 7pm service.

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Laurie said...

Geeze, that must have taken forever! Those conditions look challenging!