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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hill Training

Today goal was learning to walk fast up a hill and then get back to running immediately when off the hill. I do this on the treadmill because it works better for me, so adjusting the incline from 5% - 12% walking as fast as I can then 5x1 mins sprints @ 10k pace with 30sec recovery are sprinkled in, at about the 40 mins mark finish with 5x2 mins sprints @ 10k pace with 30secs recovery, then finish walking at 5% to get to 4 miles.
After the walk did the second half of Cathe STS Chest, Shoulders & Biceps.

The one thing I am beginning to wonder about is how expensive running higher miles are going to get, by my calculation my shoe that is only less than 3 months have over 200 miles already so I will need to start rotating with another pair soon, so by the time my marathon rolls around in May, I will be on my third pair of shoe. Looks like having  a shoe sponsor will be great but I do notice that my form is probably getting better because upon inspecting my shoe today after 200 miles there is no wear at the bottom, normally I have a wear at the outer edge of both shoe by the second week.

Started Cathe STS this week and I have to say my muscles are loving the return to weigh lifting, the biggest surprise though was how much DOMS I got from the leg workout, I discovered muscles I never knew I had.

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Laurie said...

I just can't bring myself to handle a hill workout on a treadmill -- my brain won't let my body do it!