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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trying with Newton again

Have had the Newton now for over a year and I think may be worn it 5x, I just seem inpatient to have to slowly break it in and of cause when I wore it and run I was going more miles than required which means I have unnecessary pain and soreness, so I decided to bring them out again and use them anytime I have less than 5 miles to run so as to slowly make the adjustment to them.

Today's run was great, of cause woke up late and was running late for church so instead of running 5 miles decided on 5k and challenge myself to see if I can make all miles less than 10 mins mile.

mile 1 8:56
mile 2 9:14
mile 3 9:11

Part of my goal this year is to challenge myself more, it is okay to fail, I just need to dust myself of and try again.

"Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster" Agor, Weston H

1 comment:

lish said...

Great job on the run....I am thinking about switching to Newtons....can't wait to hear more!!