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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Break Through Weekend

In December, I was wondering why it was hard for me to hit the high range of my training pace, so the goal was to start pushing my pace, I know I can run the pace since I do it in races when I have other people around me. I was wondering can running faster(fast is relative, so take this with a grain of salt, fast for me) in training, help reduce the fatigue my body feels at the beginning of a race and how log it takes to warmup. It seems like I have placed a lot of limitation on my running probably because I got injured and am afraid of getting injured again.

I read a lot and love to read and the book I was reading in December was The Self Coached Runner by Allan Lawrence & Mark Scheid.

I actually get it and have been working towards the goal of starting slow but finishing faster and pushing where that slow start, also just going all out with some runs and see what happens (pass out-have RoadID, puke or walk home), to my amazement my body is fine with it.

Okay back to the book, I have a 50k race coming up in 10 weeks, so since the book's 4hr marathon program has back to back long runs, I decided to give it a trial before training truly began this week, am using the marathon training for my 50k. After a heavy week of running, strength training and yoga, I did 15.72 miles on Saturday the goal was the last 10k has to faster than the beginning and then to get up the next day and run another 10k as fast as possible with the hope of keeping above a 10 min pace.

9.62 miles 10:24 pace - treadmill
6.1 miles 9:40 pace - treadmill

6.1 miles 9:53 pace - outdoor icy, cold and wet.

I felt fine, didn't die, didn't puke and didn't walk home after reading Mike's blog today, I will have to agree that Running is mostly mental, my body never place a limitation on me(ok I could stand to lose another 10#) but my mind did, most of my PR was after my injury so why was I haven't problem with the pace. In trying to run a 4hr marathon, the book indicates that my easy pace should be between 9 and 10 mins per mile, well working towards since breaking 4 hours is a goal not sure when but I know it will happen.

The book is really a gem and even though dated it is one of the best running book I ever read, there is nothing outdated about the training information but the device well that is a different thing, there is a book 2 which I also own & like that is for cross country and shorter races.

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