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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ohio Outside Trail Series #3

I didn't do a race report for # 2 since there was not that much change in the running condition but I did reduce my time by 1:30 but this time around with the temps at 26 degrees and the trail snow covered it was going to be an adventure.

I got to the park around 8:15, race is schedule to start at 8:30, it was cold and I really wasn't in the mood for a long warmup, so I jogged to the pavilion to pick up my bib and beer glass then back to my car to put things away and then jogged back to the race start. Because of the icy condition there was no stairs, so we had to get on the road which was just as slippery due to ice.

We started right on time after we went through a brief race info, the trail was snow covered so I knew it there was going to be no PR at this one. So the goal for the race remains the same avoiding getting pass by the front pack since this is a double loop course and stay ahead of the 60 year old guy, he is faster than me but does lots of races so I expected him to be running on tired legs. Well, he went blowing pass me about .25 miles into the race and I really couldn't go any faster due to the conditions of the trail, it is amazing how much more tired the snow covered trails made the legs, I settle into a comfortable pace and prayed not to fall since this was a very windy trail, and each turn was heart pounding and the downhills were free falls. About mile 3, I saw the 60 year old guy ahead and wonder if I could catch him, I was running at a comfortable pace not really race pace, so I worked on increasing the pace by mile 4 I passes the lady I had been following for the past 2 miles, it took me awhile to pass her every time I go to pass on her left she will speed up, she was tired and was wasting too much energy speeding up so I back off giving her time to breathe, but by the fourth time I kept up with her pace and eventually pass her and kept on going at the same pace, now just had to see if I can catch him since I was running out of miles, finally I went pass him at about mile 4.5 so can I hold the pace to the end without him passing me back, I was able to and finish in 51:23, really not as bad as I was expecting based on the trail conditions, I had some problem with my left feet actually 2 middle toes got frostbite due to a whole in the front of my trail shoe.

So to see how I really did since one of the goal of the series was to improve with each race but because of the snow at the 3rd  race so I went back and compare my 3 results to the first female results because the same person won all the races, so not too bad

#1    48:32      4/8     87/135     First Female   34:33
#2    46:49      3/7     97/152                           33:03
#3    51:23      3/9     69/113                           39:17

So for being an age group winner you get to pick you own price of the table, for race #2 I picked the tram bar and really enjoy them so picked them again for #3.

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