Miles to Health

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lack of sunshine, is having  the usual depressing effect this year again, was suppose to do 12 miles on Saturday even though fully dressed I couldn't get myself out the door so I ended up calling it a rest day. Sunday repeated the same process, got dressed and sat until about 5pm when I decided to just go out and worry about running 12, just go, walk if needed but go, so I did and got in 6 miles before calling it a day since by 6pm it was already dark and my body was shutting down. Noticing pain on my right foot again, not sure if it is the shoe or socks, so will start trying other socks with the shoe and different lacing techniques, left foot is fine.

Today, drag myself out of bed and got in a base pace 3.1 miles, I just need to keep moving , sticking to my routine as much as I can, eventually it does get easier. Can't wait for my Thanksgiving trip to Florida.

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