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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

After all the gardening and pruning on Saturday, I ended up with pain on my inner right thigh, it was quite painful to walk so I took Sunday and Monday off to give it a rest. I iced and massage all day yesterday and it felt much better today so did my workout with modification.

Dynamic Flexibility
1 mile warm up @ Recovery Pace (5.4mph)
3x1 mile @ 10k pace (7.0) with 5 mins recovery in order to make sure I didn't cause any further damage to my thigh instead of 5 mins @ recovery pace, I did 2 mins of stretching and massage, it actually didn't hurt during the run but use that for precaution anyway. Slight pain on my left shin so that was massage also.
1 mile @ recovery pace (5.4) barefooted, I need to go back to finishing barefoot to build strength back to my feet and also to adjust my form.

I really like doing the barefoot cool down on the treadmill, since when my form is right my foot step is quite and light.

Also, this was the first time I had to get on the treadmill and run without TV, I loan my TV to my son to use as a monitor for the time being, so I hooked up the Sansa to the treadmill and just listen to music, wasn't sure I could go that long with nothing to watch but I survive staring at the Asics "Hell and Back" poster.

To finish things off, I added on Montenegro Endurance #1, a very well done progressive short endurance program.

When looking for running podcast visit here, for a library of selections, lots to choose from.

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Andrew Opala said...

ok - you are a great runner, but staring at a poster for 5 miles!!

well, that's just awesome! :)