Miles to Health

Thursday, September 16, 2010

This time last year I was in a lot of pain between my heel, butt and knees, I wasn't finding running enjoyable but it was much needed in my hectic life so I pushed on. I could deal with the pain the biggest frustration was not knowing what was really wrong even after spending all the money on the MRI and other test. The pain was constant, walking sitting, climbing or any movement to my lower body brought the pain.

What brought this on today?

I ran 12 miles this morning, since I juggle my schedule to fit in the 5K on Sunday, so did the long run today, move 6 of the 9 miles that was due today to tomorrow, Saturday cross train/yoga, Sunday 5k with 1 mile each warmup and cooldown. Finish the run, drank my Recoverite, climb up the stairs to get ready for work, shower got dress, ate breakfast, got in my car drove 1 hour to work, got to work, 5 mins walk to my office, drop my stuff of in my office, climb up the 30 stairs to the production floor to talk to my operators, on my way back down, I realize one major difference, I have no pain. My body does not even feel like I ran today, I feel great and I am so incredible grateful and am glad I didn't give up.

I won the Five Cherries necklace at Tall Mom on the Run and this is on top of winning the $40 gift certificate from Racing Dawn to Vitality Nutrition. Counting this as good omen that I can conquer the hills of Akron on the 25th.


Andrew Opala said...

wonderful that you have no pain

racing dawn said...

Man, I could use a little of that luck! Isn't it amazing when you can appreciate being pain free! So great! Those hills will be nothin! :)