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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Robie Romp

Robie Black is a long time runner from the Akron area. In June of 2007 he was diagnosed
with multiple myeloma, which is a blood cancer that causes destruction of the bones as well
as other complications such as kidney failure. Robie has 2 grown daughters ages 26 and 23
and three young children; a son age 9, a son age 6 and a daughter age 3. He is a computer
programmer at Sterling Jewelers. Since his diagnosis, he has been treated at Ohio State
University Medical Center James Cancer Hospital by Dr. Donald Benson, who is a top
multiple myeloma specialist. In the fall of 2009, his disease progressed into a more
aggressive type of multiple myeloma. He had to go on dialysis in April 2010 and in May 2010,
a tumor on a thoracic vertebrae caused paralysis from the sternum down. He underwent an
adult stem cell transplant at the James Cancer Hospital in late May and suffered an infection
that nearly killed him. He is currently in a rehab hospital and preparations are being made for
him to come home to his split level home in an electric wheelchair and to find an affordable
wheelchair van will make it to his appointments in Columbus and to 3x week dialysis in Akron.
Being in a wheelchair is a dramatic contrast to his previous athletic lifestyle, but he is looking
forward to coming home and enjoying time with his family. For participants planning to run from a remote location, mail your donation made payable to: Church in the Valley, 2241 Everett Road, Peninsula, OH 44264-9631.

Got to the church around 8am, signed up and was glad there was a good turn out for the race, initially I was going to go with the 10 mile trail group but looking at the group I knew there was no way I can run with them since they are really fast and not know to slow down even on the hills so I went with the 5 mile trail group which was a great choice since there was just 4 of us and Dan the leader was awesome in keeping a pace of about 10:30 and walked up all the hills, in my group was also Mark and Bob. I spent quite a bit of time running with Mark, he was great at keeping me company and showing me how to properly run up a hill since we had lots to conquer on this run. I know we started by the covered bridge which is about mile 85 of the burning river 100 miler and then me made a left turn onto the perkin trail loop, we got back on Everett rd but Dan the leader said we needed to finish with a good hill so we went for a climb on a nearby trail, basically you climb come to a dead end, then turn around and tackle the down hill, perfect finisher. We ended up at 6.7 miles, the training plan for today was 10 miles, so I am 3.3 miles short. I hung around the church for a while went to the book sale found 4 books on running that I bought for a $1 and left soon after since there was really nothing to eat and I was straving.  Got back home add a egg sandwich, rested a bit then decided to go back out to get the last 3.3 miles in, it was extremely hot and humid and I was having trouble keeping my heart rate down so only did 3.1 before calling it a day.

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