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Saturday, July 3, 2010

5k Time Trial

Saturday was either a 5k race or a time trial, I decided to do a time trial instead of the Aurora 5k like I had originally planned due to financial reasons, I am adding so many more fall races so had to start being more selective and I have another 5k planned for August.

So did the the 1 mile warmup @ recovery pace, Dynamic flexibility then it was time for the 5k time trial, I felt great starting out but with the heat, humidity and a pain in my right knee my pace was off after the first mile and there was nothing I could do to pull it back so just decided to finish as fast as I could, so this ended up even being slower than my 5k in June even with more training so was really upset when done because I believe I should have been able to keep the pace. Finish up with a 1 mile cool down then went inside to do a kettlbell/100 body weight workout too about 10 mins.

mile 1  8:17 (right on target)  169bpm
mile 2  9:06                           168bpm
mile 3  9:00                           173bpm
 Average pace of 8:50, target was 8:17

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