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Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 12 - Recovery Week

 My last 2 long runs has been very hard and I have been unable to keep up with the required pace, just have a very heavy leg feeling, right now I can only attribute it to the races since my legs hasn't been properly trained for the pace I was running.

This is the start of week 12 which is recovery week and the end of build phase 1, so on tap was 4.5 miles at base phase, I was able to get it done after stopping at mile 1 and doing a very thorough stretch of my legs, average pace of 10:20 then Womens Health Ultimate Bootcamp with the hope of losing some pounds this week.

Circuit 1:       3X
25 squats
15 pushups
50 jumping jacks

Circuit 2:     3X
10 squat thrust
15 forward lunges per leg
20 leg lifts

Circuit 3:  3X
1 minute jumping jack
1 minute plank

Total time 23:29  HR avg = 122  152 calorie burned.

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