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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Well, after dilly dallying for almost 2 hours after I got I finally got dress and went for my 7 miles run, wearing my black nautilus capri and Under Armour short sleeve top, back wearing the Newton, I ate 2 slices of my cinnamon raisin spelt bread with peanut butter and apple jam, also down one packet of the cliff shot mocha.

This is really one of my first outdoor long run, and it felt great, I was able to keep within my base pace, I wasn't sure how my legs were going to feel since I had a run yesterday and also some intense lower body workout, but boy it felt great.

7 miles 1:14:13  average pace of 10:35, fastest miles were 1 and 7 at 10:11, I am really working to keep within the pace sent by my training program not too fast or slow, today's goal was 7 miles at base pace (9:54 - 10:51), so was very glad first time out I was able to at least stay in the middle of the pace, no mile was out of pace.

After wards added on Zuzana's Sexy Summer Workout - 20 mins

Prisoner squat and front kick- 36
One leg elevated push up – 26
Bicycle – 60
One leg dead lift with 20lb Kbell – Right – 22
One leg dead lift with 20lb Kbel– Left – 23
Tricep dip – 23
Side lunge jump – Right – 24
Side lunge jump – Left – 30
Pull up – 6
Get up - 8
Side crunch – Right – 25
Side crunch – Left – 32
Dive bomber – 13
Jump lunges – 42
Knee tucks – 23
Pike press – 40
Knee raise – 13
Reverse push up – 17
Side knee raises on dip station – 219
Santana push up –20


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