Miles to Health

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

7 miles mixed intervals today average pace 9:55, the run felt great really wanted to do 10 miles but was running out of time.

1 mile warmup @ recovery pace
2k@half marathon pace / 3 mins recovery
1 mile @ 10k pace/ 3 mins recovery
1k @ 5 k pace/2 mins recovery
1 mile mixed pace 5k - marathon
1+ mile cool down @ recovery pace

Weight workout:
Split Squat using 20# dumbbell-12 reps per side
Pushup on toe - 20 reps
rest 60 secs repeat 2 more times

Bridge with band around thigh 12 reps
Chinups - 10 (can get to 5 okay, have to do up and hold for the rest of the count)
rest 60 secs repeat 2x

Dumbbell curl to a shoulder press-15#-12 reps
rest 60 sec, repeat

12 spiderman crawl on each side
Reverse crunches

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