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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back from Chicago, tired but life goes on.

Friday: Moved the Saturday 7 mile run to Friday since I know I will not have time to do it in Chicago. Went to Columbus picked up Son #1, came back to Cleveland just in time to get Son#2 off the bus from band camp, rested, ate then off to Chicago.

Saturday: Did Strength workout and Pilates from Exercise TV, then took the train from Lake Bluff to Downtown Chicago to the Rock and Roll Chicago Half Marathon Expo, it was a bit disappointing, not as big as I was expecting and not that much freebies, but the energy was great. Went to my niece's apt and changed for the wedding got picked up and was at the wedding from 4pm till midnight, had a blast dancing.

Sunday: Recovery day from all that dancing, did easy band strength routine, 3x10, napped a lot.

Monday: Left Chicago very early so as not to get stuck in traffic, got back home rand some errands, did 2 miles and CLX Lean 3.

Tuesday: Called off work just had too much to do, got to get DH ready for his oversea trip tonight and he is no where near ready,

5.5 miles
1 mile warmup @ recovery pace 5.4mph
6x400 meters with 3 miles recovery @ 3k pace 7.5mph
1 mile cooldown @ recovery pace 5.4mph

1 mile warmup @ recovery pace 5.4mph
11x200 meters with 200 meters recovery @ 1 mile pace 8mph did the last 3 at 9mph
CLX Lean 2 skip warmup 35 mins

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Graham said...

So very busy lately...way to keep up on the running and workouts though!!