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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love Thursdays because I get to run with the crooked river trail group which means I get to explore a different section of trail, today was starting from Lock 29 with a warmup run
on the towpath going north. After the boardwalk, we made a right turn and headed up the Valley Trail. The start is a long gravel road next to the Ohio Turnpike Bridge, then we cross the Buckeye Trail continuing on the Valley Trail until we hit Initiation Hill (old AP Road). Down the hill and back to Lock 29. Not sure how many miles probably 5, but this is not my kind of trail run, since it was mainly flat and clear, the pace was really fast, we even sprinted up the hill.

In the am, did Dynamic flexibility, 4.5miles at base pace of 6.1mph with 4x90secs @ 7.5mph thrown in where ever and then CLX Push 1 skipping the warmup as usual I still don't understand how she can do a series of 9 workouts and use the same warmup I do not care how scientifically effective they are, at least joggle the sequence.

I do enjoy the double run, will try to keep up with it until school start, it will not work once the kids are back in school since I get back so late. Also, with another trip to Chicago schedule for tomorrow, am hoping I can get my 7 miles in before we have to leave but before we can head to Chicago we need to go back and forth to Columbus to attend kid # closing banquet and bring him back and then be back by 4:30pm to pick get kid #2 who will be getting back from band camp, watch his first band performance and then we get to head to Chicago. The Chicago Rock and Roll HM is this weekend so I am planning on trying to get to the expo on Saturday before the wedding which is another reason I am moving my long run to Friday.

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